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Travelling Solo with Haka Tours
New Zealand is a safe country; it features little crime and friendly folks that are sure to help you out. Yet even though New Zealand is known as one of the friendliest countries in the world, it is important to be safety conscious. This is especially important when you are travelling by yourself and you will be traversing the streets alone. For this reason, guided group tours of New Zealand as a popular option for single travellers.

Haka Tours is the leading small-group tours operator in New Zealand. We have found that around 80% of our guests on any given tour are solo travellers. Solo travellers choose our tours for three key reasons. Firstly, they find it safer to travel in a group than by themselves. Groups are much less likely to be the victims of crime, and our guests “fee” safer by being apart of a larger group. As well as being safer from crime, travelling with a guide ensures you won’t get lost.

Secondly, our guests find that being in a small group allows them to make friends. When travelling solo, the journey can get very lonely without anyone to share the memories with, or to go out to town with. A balance must be reached; it is lonesome by yourself, but in a large tour group you can get swallowed up in the crowd. They find a small tour group strikes the perfect balance.

Finally, they find they travelling in a group works out cheaper than travelling by themselves. In a group they are able to share core expenses such as accommodation and travel costs. Hiring a private tour guide is also very expensive, and so by travelling in a group they are able to spread the cost out. Haka Tours works out to be a very cost-effective method of touring the country.

Travelling in a group is more flexible than you might think. Tour guides are trained to help you have the ultimate experience on your tour, and they will work very hard to ensure you get to experience the trip as you wanted. By travelling in a small group, you are able to get a personalized experience that is designed around you.

Travelling in a small group tour is a fantastic option for solo travellers. If you find yourself nervous travelling solo, or lonely, or stretched for cash, then be sure to look into your options. Haka Tours is an award-winning small-group tours NZ company, and we offer 7-24 day tours of New Zealand.

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