The Ultimate New Zealand Travel Guide  

                                     ​​Day One – Arrival Day in Auckland, New Zealand

So you made it! The flight to New Zealand is not real easy from most of the world but believe me well worth the effort. I can vouch for that as I originally arrived on a flight in 1989 returning in 1992 and have never considered leaving.

It is usually hard after a long and tiring flight so I am here to try to help you get the initial entry part over with without stress. First the Auckland International terminal is one of the easiest in the world to come to terms with. Straight off the plane and the entry people walkway has plenty of directional signs and toilets along the way.

Straight to baggage claim and on to New Zealand Customs. They are a very thorough lot but they do it with a smile as long as you do not bring in food.... for one. Please do not even bring in a banana or an orange. Then if you happen to be a fisherman with gear be sure it has been cleaned or declared so it can be cleaned. A few years ago an American brought the dreaded didymo (it's common name is rock snot) in and now our clean green pristine South Island rivers are full of it.

After clearing Customs you enter the main area of the terminal where everything you need is before you. It is a small area that you can see from one end to the other. On the ground floor, where you enter, you can find the baggage storage areas, money exchange, car rentals. Both Telecom and Vodafone are side by side if you need a New Zealand phone or have a query about phones. A pharmacy is available and other shops.

Take the escalators upstairs and you will find all the various food and drink outlets you could ever want. It may be time for that coffee about then......




​​​​           Self-drive is my recommended way to see New Zealand and I do hope you have rented a camper van or a car.
Check with me for the best rental advice..............​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​I believe that is the only way to truly experience and enjoy the scenic New Zealand world. I travelled the entire country for 5 ½ years in my own bus writing and photographing the beauty of New Zealand (over 10.000 photos taken and dozens of articles). It is beyond wonderful to pull up to a secluded beach or beside a quiet lake or stream (and the lack of people here almost guarantees it) sit in quiet peace while sipping one of New Zealand's quality wines and enjoying a plate of exceptional high country salmon. Umm! Makes my mouth water thinking of it. (I am ready to get back on the road). Another fine reason are the high quality of our roads and holiday parks.

​​​​​​​​If you are too worn out after your flight I recommend getting a room close by and just chilling out until tomorrow morning no matter how your itinerary is set up. There is a Novotel hotel a few steps from the exit from the International terminal. 
New Zealand has some of the finest holiday parks I have ever been to. I will personally introduce you to many over the trip. 
 You will receive insight from my own personal experiences over the years plus information from the people who are here providing you with activities. Any other time of the year they are too busy to find the time to talk to me extensively but now it will be fine. I want you to get the best in information from the experts here not just a quick bit of information by someone passing through once or worse sitting at a computer at their home or office pretending they actually know all about it. Too much of that happening and the very reason I began writing about New Zealand as I travel around.

I want you to enjoy and experience New Zealand with a pocket full of good information. I look forward to hearing from you with questions you have so I can be sure your long hard trip here is worth it. New Zealand is one of the top countries in the world to visit and I want you to take home the experience of a life time......................that's my personal job I have taken on...............I am still in awe of New Zealand as a place to be and want to share that with you. Check out The Ultimate New Zealand Travel Guide for a more complete coverage based on my many years on the road.

So let's go!!!!

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