You have decided on a holiday in New Zealand, after seeing the fabulous scenery in Lord of the Rings perhaps, and scanning through the many New Zealand websites for information.

The decision has been made, plans are being formulated, choices are being laid out, times are allocated and now you are going to put together your holiday itinerary. You know fairly well what you want to see and experience but the details of travel and accommodation and vehicle rental are very time consuming and confusing.

That’s where I come in!!! How would you like a real traveller, one who constantly travels throughout New Zealand 24/7-365 days a year sourcing out the accommodations you require, the activities you are interested and has the vehicle rental knowledge to make sure you get the best at the best price?

I can provide you with a holiday itinerary that has everything you could possibly want and more in the period of time you have planned.

I know personally what is around the bend to see and do, which accommodation is best suited for what you desire, the best activity that you wish to experience.  I have been there personally while traveling this country. I don’t just sit in an office and choose you a place from a brochure. We choose accordingly to the best of what I actually know after my own personal experience.

Contact me now if you have your arrival/departure location dates and times. There is no cost involved when I get to book your rental vehicle and/or your accommodations. I only use the rental companies that have proven their quality over the years in both cost and service.

I am in the same position as a travel agent who is able to receive booking fees that do not add on to your costs of travel. You receive the best holiday itinerary available based upon real experience.

For those who already have a vehicle the charge for a complete personal itinerary is only $50USD per

I take it very personal when I prepare a trip and guarantee you will not get better information anywhere. I am aware of the importance of taking the time, spending the money and receiving the best trip you could ever have. Why take the chance!
Get in touch.......let me create the holiday of a lifetime personally just for you.
I provide the routes, time taken to travel, places to see, things to do and provide accommodation information for every evening based upon the information you provide so it is very personal and a no worry holiday!

Download the questionnaire fill it out and send it to me so we can begin your personal New Zealand itinerary Questionnaire .

Any questions get in touch -

Want to know what other people have to say about the help we provide. I also can provide references from those who have been here on one of my itineraries.............. Here are some of the many of the 100% positive return answers. I have never had a complaint!


Hi there,

Ron is one of the 'genuine' people it seems are few and far between these days.

Like others, Ron's assistance to us has been fantastic. My wife and I are in fact planning to emmigrate to NZ and are going for under 3 weeks to 'look around'! It is with that in mind we wanted an itinerary that would give us an insight to local life, with our interests at heart.

Additionally, Ron has provided us with a competitive rental price for a motor home. I would certainly urge you that you can do no better than Ron & Paula.

Good luck with your adventures.

Sam N.


I would like to add that Ron has been assisting me in designing a trip of a lifetime itinerary. I have only been corresponding with him for a few weeks and I must admit that I also did wonder whether it was a 'too good to be true offer'. I have worked with many different people over the past 25 years and have always felt that I am a good judge of character - I have no doubts in my dealings with Ron.

Having started our planning with full enthusiasm we were faced with the possibility of my husband losing his job. We then back pedalled and almost decided not to go. We changed our plans from touring in February to touring in November/December. Changed from car to camper. Left it too late to book the recommended camper and had to start looking all over again, all of which Ron has taken in his stride and with good manners and great humour. Ron also negotiated a better rental deal than I could obtain on line. As a previous post has stated he always replies within 12/24 hours - we are working with a 12 hour time difference which makes things interesting. Unfortunately he is up and writing when I am desperate to go to bed and sleep.

The 21 day Itinerary he has designed for us is incredible. During our emails he has assessed what we like to do and see and planned accordingly. The detail is fantastic even down to where to stock up on good food and wine and get the best deals. We are currently planning to follow his advice to the letter. However, we may be tempted to deviate once we are on the road.

Ron has always been upfront about any remuneration he receives and when booking camp grounds etc only asks that you tell the owners that you have been recommended to them by him so that he and Paula may benefit from the odd night free stay themselves.

It's not often these days that you meet someone so generous in time and spirit.

My advice is take his advice! I am sure that you will make the most of your time in NZ and see many things you would otherwise have missed.

We too are hoping to meet up with Ron and Paula when on our travels - if they're not too busy meeting up with everyone else!


I have been working with Ron on my upcoming trip to New Zealand and he has proven to be a wealth of knowledge. After first, I too was a little leery of his offer to help me, but I have found him to be a trustworthy gem. I feel very lucky to have found him.

We hope to be able to meet Ron and Paula while we are vacationing in New Zealand. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

A huge thank you to Ron who has recently designed us a three week itinerary for our first trip to New Zealand. It has taken us a couple of weeks to digest all the information and we can't wait to get on the plane in November (even though I hate flying!)

Thank you as well for your help, patience and advice with regards to booking the campervan!

Invaluable information not contained in the other guide books will, I am sure, make the holiday something really special. Rarely have I seen my husband display so much excitement about a forthcoming holiday.

Many, many thanks to Ron.

Hi All

Just a note to say a big thanks to Ron Laughlin. After reading up on here I thought I would send him a mail of our itinery for a week on the South Island. Didn't expect a reply but the next day he replied with an excellent planned trip for us. Not just a visit xxx day 1 but things to stop and see as we drive etc. List of sites to stop at also. So although we all think we can plan our tours, ask Ron as he will enlighten you to many things you don't realise are there. 12 weeks to go, when we return will post a story of our trip.


Taken from posting on websites Trip Advisor and Travel Pod:

#1 -

This posting is for anyone planning a trip to New Zealand.

Through trip advisor I asked for help with planning my trip to New Zealand which was answered by ronlaughlin who gave me more help and information than all the books and websites that I had previously been reading. Ron very kindly worked out an itinerary for me with places to visit traveling times and recommended places to stay. Nothing was too much trouble for him and he was happy to change things to my preferences and all this at NO COST, all that he asks is that I mention his name when making bookings and let him book your vehicle.

This guy seems to know everything there is to know about New Zealand so if you want to know anything I would recommend you make contact with Ron through his website.



#2 -

There is no better Travel Guide book than his. All the information is up to date and if you want specific information just ask. We have recently had a 6 week tour of both Islands, devised for us by Ron Laughlin, it was brilliant. We did a couple of tweaks but other than that followed it explicitly.You can contact Ron, type him into the search engine and you will see all the good reviews he has received. He really knows his stuff and its free too! Enjoy your trip.

=====================April 2014
Hi Ron,
I meant to send some greetings for a while, but somehow never came to do it. But today at last, as it is raining and I feel not so much up to getting soaked again after yesterday’s stuff still wet and uncomfortable. So it will be a cozy and lazy day at a power campsite with some time and mind for writing and reading.
I am in my 6th week in the campervan in South Island now.
Your recommendations have met all expectations and more, through your tips I had actually some of the most wonderful and awesome experiences. And your recommendations gave me room and thought for side trips, which I seem to be doing all the time. I managed to take just over 4 hrs to get from Hanmer to Kaikoura, just because I had to get out of the car again and again, and look and gaze and enjoy. This landscape is just so so so beautiful. Lost part of my heart in so many places that I feel there cannot be much left for yet another favourite. But surprisingly, there always is.
All was beautiful and exciting, yes, but Central Otago particularly really hit me, got under my skin, starting from Dunedin towards St Bathans. I stayed for a while in this part of the country, roaming around the old mines, enjoying this kind of solitude and vastness of the countryside. And this I found again in so many places, unexpectedly, and my heart is leaping all the time. The drive up to Poolburn- wow! Unfortunately, and I felt personally cheated, just 2 km before the dam, the road was closed (there was no sign before, I checked on my return). Anyway, the drive was awesome. And of course, the West Coast, Denniston – yes, and up to Kohaihai! And the taste of the respective regional wines or beers, great.
Cannot list all now, but just want to say how much I enjoy travelling here, taking up your recommendations, and just being utterly in awe and love with this part of the world.
Ron, thank you so much for sharing some of your own travel experiences.
Now I am slowly on my way towards the North, where my partner is coming to join me for the rest of the journey.

Very warm regards from Cornelia



Hundreds more like above............I can provide references from people who have gone on my personal itineraries if you would feel more comfortable with the situation. I have never had a negative report.

Check the following forum posts out please:

I no longer am on Trip Advisor but if you want to read about how I have helped people check this out:
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or type my name into the TripAdvisor New Zealand forum.

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Check on the website Travel Podium where I am the New Zealand moderator


I tried to help people on Frommers, Virtual Tourist and Lonely Planet but they wouldn't accept my help saying I was a commercial operator.....
same way with Trip Advisor now. I have been banned for mentioning my itinerary help and my help is free to the visitor. When they rent a vehicle through me I receive a commission from the rental company at no extra cost to the rentor.

Something wrong with this picture!!!!! Who better to give help than someone who has traveled a place for twenty years in search of travel information for people.....???
I can't even mention my book!!!! or my videos.....or answer the forum questions....

I do believe one of the top priorities for anyone is the time they take to have a vacation/holiday and if they need help they deserve the best one can provide.

Some kind of jealousy? Stepping on the "experts" toes? Ones who have not even traveled the whole country or perhaps a part of it once and became the "expert"......? I know that one of the "so called experts" actually hates people who camper van travel. I was told that directly and you can see by many of the posts. 
Too may "experts" who never leave their computer....................​

The trouble is it isn't their is the people looking for true information.....very selfish I think..............

I understand some people who I have helped are now letting people know via private messages to them on Trip Advisor. I am really sorry it has to be that way but I am glad they get a chance to perhaps get my help.

Anyhow if you got this far on my website perhaps I can be of help....
let me know please! and I recommend one of my travel books that are very comprehensive.


Ron Laughlin  The Ultimate New Zealand Travel Guide