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      Trail of Discovery!
with Ron Laughlin - the Guru of NZ Travel
First a quick introduction to the person who sent a request for an itinerary from me and ended up having to put up with me and my cameras through this entire trip and listen to my big mouth constantly telling her how wonderful my adopted country New Zealand is.
Here is Rachel Losecco from Virginia Beach on holiday starting in Auckland through a portion of the North Island then flying down to Christchurch to do an exploratory excursion through a portion of the South island. Like many visitors Rachel works and is limited to time off so we have from the 24th of December to the 12th of January​ to see and do as much as we can.

Consider this your "Starter Pack" to good fun
and adventure with us................​

Here is the itinerary so far -  Discovery itinerary -   I will daily write about the adventure and post some photos and videos of what happens.(If I haven't been run ragged. I think Rachel looks really healthy. Could be tough on the old man............)

​​You want to do what??? but I don't get on a horse!!!

What I have done is create an itinerary you yourself can use with a bit of personal tweaking​ for your own bucket list of goodies to see and do in Kiwi land.

So check in with me each day as we enjoy the wonderful world of Discovery in New Zealand.​​

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