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      Trail of Discovery and Adventure!
                    by Ron Laughlin - the Guru of New Zealand Travel
Very special place to enjoy the drive from Mt Cook back out onto route 8 passing by the town of Twizal and the canals that are from the many hydro-electrical dams in this area. There are a couple of salmon farms located along this route but the most dramatic and fun place to stop and enjoy is in Omarama - the Ladybird Hill restaurant and winery PLUS you can catch your own salmon, take it with you or best yet they will have it smoked and ready to eat in a half hour along with their own very special wine.....Rachel got right into it and soon had a 1.4 kilo salmon netted by the owner Rodger who swiftly took it inside to clean and smoke.
Needless to say it was a beautiful meal​ sitting outside under the large willow trees along the trout pond. Lots of room to enjoy both inside and out for individuals and families.............and all for $34 a salmon and no license cost................a real bargain.
Guess who will be back often!!!!
​​I have a video of Rachel catching the salmon that I will upload when I get home.............meanwhile take a look at these photos:

                           How is this for quality!!!
Other Omarama highlights worth a stop to enjoy:

Totara Peak Gallery​​


Hot Tubs​​