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There’s a new website especially for foodies travelling in self-contained motorhomes.
If the idea of parking overnight in a vineyard, or under olive trees appeals, then check out Okay2stay.

It’s a NZ-wide network of small vineyards, olive groves, berry farms, artisan cheesemakers, and lots more.

You get to park overnight safely, legally and free of charge on your host’s property - and they get to tempt you with the delicious things they produce. It’s ‘freedom camping for foodies’ –

                                                                       and it’s WIN/WIN!

 Joining online is easy and once you are a member you can see the individual details of more than 120 hosts, what they produce, and how to find them. The site’s very user-friendly, and host details and location maps can be easily viewed on your smartphone or laptop.

Membership is just $45 per van, so it’s about the same cost as a campground for a single night. Stay two nights with Okay2stay hosts and you’re already saving money. So, if you’re travelling in a self-contained motorhome, love the idea of buying local food and wine, and you want stay with the real Kiwis who make it -

                              Check it out at

Here is a new site that provides fantastic camping...