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How to save our bird life without using aerial drop of 1080 
For too many years the poison 1080 has been used in our forests for predator control. 
​​There are a lot of pros and cons on the use of this poison that is scattered throughout our forest regions in mass quantities. There have been many confirmed losses to birds and animals other than predators.  

Here is the warning provided by the Department of Conservation:

​​1080 is designed to kill pests in our forest. But remember it can kill dogs if they are allowed in poisoned areas. These signs are for you and your dogs’ protection. Be a responsible dog owner and stay out of areas where you see these signs:


​​​These signs are for your protection. If you must enter the area keep your dog on a leash and keep them well fed and hydrated. Stay clear of any dead carcasses and at no time should you let your dog roam free. Prevention against poisoning is always better than trying to treat a dog that has been poisoned.

​​​  Does New Zealand need this kind of treatment to its fabulous          outdoor environment and to our 100% clean green image?

                     Predator Free New Zealand​​ has the answer!              

​​We have a dedicated group of biologists, scientists, engineers and concerned citizens who have developed a series of traps that can do a better job with no peripheral loss to any other form of life beyond the predators.
They predict they can have New Zealand predator free in 20 years and at less cost than the spreading of poison on our forest floors.
When you are tramping along a pristine forest track​​ do you want to be confronted with this sign and know there has been poison laid there before you?





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​​​​​1080 facts: 


Marlborough Sounds photos by Ron Laughlin
bird photos from the Department of Conservation​​
                                          photos of the beautiful Marlborough Sounds
Elaine Bay
Does this area really need to have tons of poison dropped on it?