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     Trail of Discovery!
with Ron Laughlin - the Guru of NZ Travel
​Come with us in the wonderful             world of New Zealand -
​  The bucket list of adventure
One of the least visited area of New Zealand not because of lack of beauty but usually lack of time and overlooked. Take the extra time if possible and swing into the southern route from either end from Dunedin south or from Te Anau south and you won't be disappointed. 
A windswept land of dramatic beaches, many fabulous walks, waterfalls and scenic beauty everywhere...............
Pick up real gemstones on Gemstone Beach​ and visit the very bottom of the South Island at Bluff where the oysters are world class.

​Here are a few photos:​
A petrified forest on the coast....
Riverton Rocks
Cozy Nook
Gemstone Beach
                 Colec Bay
Gypsy Wagon